Hot Mist Nano Facial and Hair Steamer







The Facial and Hair Steamer is a 2-in-1 hair and skin care unit. Its tabletop design allows for easy personal care use at home. The steamer is composed of a clear water tank and a 360degree adjustable nozzle. An aroma pad can be placed on the nozzle for a different user experience, and the Ion function can be turned on or off. The hair cap is large enough to accommodate any head size and easy to use and assemble. For Face: The ultra-fine Nano ionic steam effectively penetrates deep into the skin, providing an enhanced hydrating effect and leaving the skin smooth, supple and hydrated. For Hair: The steamer moisturizes and hydrates hair, preventing breakage and split ends; it also improves absorption of conditioners and other treatments. There is a built-in ozone generator as well as a controlled release of negatively charged oxygen which helps reduce itchiness and prevents dandruff. The steamer is good for hair and skin care.Product Specifications:: 2-in-1 for both hair and skin care: Tabletop design for home use: Large water tank 500ml, fill max water level 340ml (1.4 cups).: Nano mist steam stimulates blood circulation, eliminates toxins.: Deep moisturizing, small water molecules are easily absorbed : Accelerates oil or cream absorption.: Sterilization and anti-dandruff. Can be also used as room humidifier.