Who We Are

BC Incentives is your preferred incentive and merchandise recognition consultant to help support your business through the resources that matter most….your employees! We believe our merchandise incentives will help your employees be more engaged, interested, and happy at work which then leads to increased productivity, loyalty, and profitability. With more than 30 years of experience helping our customers, we would love the opportunity to help you with our extensive, diverse and timely product solutions.

BC Incentives stays up to date on the newest, cutting-edge products, solutions, arrivals, announcements, trends, you name it! We are here to support you with the best possible customer service and solutions at every opportunity.

Still wondering why employee incentives and recognition are critical to your success?

  • According to many polls, organizations that use employee incentives programs experience a 79% success rate in achieving their goals
  • Unhappy workers cost employers millions, maybe even billions of dollars year each year. Work should be enjoyable and we believe our merchandise incentives will help foster enjoyable company culture and a great place to work for all.
  • An increase in your employee's recognition will lead to less turnover and higher productivity and profitability at work.
  • Because it’s fun! Right? Who doesn’t like to earn something new and awesome at work! We do!
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