Pink Diamond Collagen Facial Mask







Prospera Pink Diamond Collagen Facial Mask, also named Red Wine Facial Mask comes with 2 masks. It is perfect after you use our facial and beauty tools, such as DL028, or SL008. The mask is an excellent moisturizer for both skin and hair. It protects your skin from sun damage. Smooth skin - Infused collagen revives tired skin for a smooth, youthful complexion. Anti-aging- The peptides refresh and revive tired, dull skin, effectively wrinkles and fine lines. Firming & strengthening - Collagen is a vital ingredient for skin health. Our mask has abundant collagen proteins to effectively reduce skin damage and aging. The facial mask is compact, lightweight, easy to carry and use. Authentic pink diamond color. Product Specifications: Catalog Numbers: 3304990010 (HS-Code): Authentic pink diamond color: A set of 2: Perfect for reviving facial skin: Hydrolyzed collagen: Co-Enzyme Q10: Vitamin E: Red wine polyphenols: Glycerin from plants to reduce skin irritation, protect against infection and boost wound healing: Sweet almond oil to prevent stretch marks, and protect your skin from sun damage: Comes with plastic packaging