Vantage Model 400 High TX LCD Display Laser Rangefinder







Hawke Optics' black 6x21 Vantage 400 Laser Rangefinder combines a Class 1 eye-safe IR laser with a useful multi-coated monocular to create an effective and waterproof ranging system for shooting, archery, golf, construction, site survey, and other activities.With a metering range of 7-437 yards, a wide 420' field of view, and a ranging accuracy of ?1.1 yard, the rangefinder features spot and continuous ranging-take a reading on a stationary object, or hold the button down and scan the distance to numerous points. Rain and Hunt modes are used to improve accuracy in inclement weather or tall grass and brush, respectively. The intuitive two-button/one-handed operation enables quick activation and operation while allowing you keep hold of your bow or rifle. The Vantage is powered by an included CR2 battery and comes with a wrist strap and carrying case.