1500W Oscillating Tower Ceramic PTC Personal Heater







The Soleus Air Oscillating Tower Ceramic PTC Personal Heater provides warm and comfortable heat. Choose from two heat settings, high(1000W) and low(1500W), for continuous heat that is personalized and comfortable. Fan-only mode keeps air moving to save energy without the need for constant heating. The oscillation mode provides a 90-degree, left-to-right rotation of the heating tower to keep warmth nearby and circulating. Perfect for the office, living area, or any other area where you would like heat close by you. Safety features come standard and include an automatic tip-over switch to turn off the unit if it is accidently knocked over. An overheat sensor automatically monitors the internal temperature and will turn off the unit if an overheat is detected. The heater is backed by a Soleus Air 1-year limited warranty and unlimited technical support. Warm up with Soleus Air and enjoy the comfort of a personal ceramic PTC heater.