IONMAX Cordless Indoor/Outdoor Bug Zapper Kit







Mosquitoes got you itching? Flies buzzing around your patio? There's a better way to enjoy your evenings outside. Introducing the revolutionary Sun Joe? 24V-BZ100-LTE Cordless Bug Zapper, the ultimate zap-and-go solution for a pest-free paradise! Say goodbye to messy sprays and harmful chemicals. This powerful bug zapper utilizes a 10-watt UV black light to attract pesky insects, then delivers a satisfying zap with zero fumes or mess. Freedom from outlets, freedom from frustration! Powered by Sun Joe's IONMAX 24-volt battery system (battery and charger sold separately), the 24V-BZ100-LTE offers cordless convenience with maximum battery voltage and a long-lasting 2.0-Ah battery capacity. Plus, the 24V-BZ100-LTE features both USB-A and USB-C charging ports to keep your favorite devices powered up while you enjoy your bug free outdoor spaces. Lightweight, portable, and ultra-effective, the Snow Joe? 24V-BZ100-LTE Bug Zapper is the perfect partner for barbecues, pool parties, or relaxing evenings on the patio. Plus, 24V-BZ100-LTE is backed by Sun Joe's rock solid 2-Year Warranty. So, Get Equipped? this summer with the Sun Joe? 24V-BZ100-LTE Cordless Bug Zapper and experience bug free backyard bliss!