Hot compress red blue light cleansing massager







This warm sensation cleanser helps reduce blockage and lays a solid absorption foundation for subsequent skin care. It has a thumb-shaped design and multi-angle fit.Its warm sonic vibration waves fit the curvature of your face, lifting and tightening the skin. The light therapy makes it a perfect combination skin care device. The red light is for wrinkle removal, and the blue light is for acne treatment.Silicone nodules clean the face and neck. Usage areas: face, neck, hands and arms. Probe for hot compress and light therapy. Product Specifications:Suits different skin types. Sonic waves reach deep into pores to wash away dirty, oily andn. dead skin. Warm compress helps blood circulation and promotes essence absorption. Red light 640nm wavelength wrinkles treatment. Blue light 423nm wavelength acne treatment. IPX7 full waterproof