140-Psi Max Cordless Air Pump Inflator/Powerbank W/12-Volt Dc Adaptor







Skip the trip to the gas station and reach for the powerful, portable cordless inflator that fits in the palm of your hand with the ATJ-CA100 140 PSI CORDLESS DIGITAL INFLAT-OR from Auto Joe. Compact and convenient for camping or commuting, it's the power-packed rechargeable pump that's perfect anywhere power is at a premium -- like in the store parking lot, off-roading, or on the daily drive. Keep motorcycle, ATV, and bike tires at the perfect pressure with digital control plus auto shut-off for precise pressure, a bright LED flashlight with emergency blinker function helps you to see and be seen in emergency situations at night, and a 2000 mAh power bank to keep your electronics charged on the road or when the power's out.