Brookstone 3 Nodes Electric Neck Massager







The Cordless 3 Nodes Electric Neck Massager offers a range of features designed toenhance your relaxation and relieve neck fatigue. With nine different levels to choose from,you can find the perfect balance between a soothing massage and targeted muscle relief.The heating feature adds an extra layer of comfort to your massage experience. Warmth can help relax muscles and further alleviate tension in the neck. Improved blood flow can contribute to muscle recovery and overall well-being. The cordless design allows for convenient use anywhere you need. Whether you're looking to unwind after a stressful day or seeking relief from muscle tension, the Cordless 3 Nodes Electric Neck Massager offers a versatile and portable solution for personalized relaxation. Product Specifications:: 6 Massage Modes: 9 Intensity Levels: Promotes Blood Circulation: 15min Auto Shut Off: Relieves Neck Fatigue: Stainless Steel electrodes pulse vibrations: 2 AA Battery Operated (not included): Voltage: 3V--1A: UPC 021331064387