4 Pack 1 Liter Carbonation Bottle Black, Bubly Lime 6 Pack



4 Black Bottle, Bubly Lime 6




bubly drops - a fun way to sparkle your water with fruit flavor essence! Make your favorite bubly ? sparkling water right at home with SodaStream. no calories. no sweeteners. all smiles.Each bubly 1.36oz bottle makes approximatley 12L of ready to drink flavored seltzer. The total number of liter for the varity pack is 72L. These flavors work with all SodaStream machines and bottles. Plus 4 SodaStream Carbonating Bottles bring the fizz and keep it fresh and bubbly for up to 2 weeks! They are the perfect size for sharing or keep it in the fridge to pour from all day long. One SodaStream reusable carbonating bottle can save up to thousands of single use plastic bottles. Dishwasher Safe.