OCIGO Breathalyzer







A New Generation of Alcohol Breathalyzer OCIGO features a patented infrared spectroscopy technology that until now was only available in Law Enforcement devices. OCIGO makes this reliable gold standard technology available to everyone. OCIGO is perfect for Consumers, Artisans and Small Businesses. Remove any doubt and get behind the wheel safely. Manage your risks of a DUI or accident by consuming alcohol responsibly. Measure your BAC and Know. Test your alcohol level in seconds. Anticipate. Learn when your alcohol level will return to 0.00%OCICORP is perfect for Professionals, SME and Large Companies. Protect your employees from alcohol related accidents and their financial consequences. Secure Online Management Platform. Manage in real time all your breathalyzers as well as your employees' ability to drive or perform dangerous tasks. Face recognition and geolocation. Geolocate and verify the identity of your employees with each test in real-time. Custom data report. Access data history for analysis and decision making from secured servers.