20-Nozzle Oscillating Sprinkler on Sled Base







Tailor your water spray your way! ?No more water wasted or overspray - put the H2O precisely where you want it with Aqua Joe's AJ-OSPR20 fully adjustable Mini Oscillating Sprinkler. Cover more ground and keep your lawn looking lush with the 20 durable, clog-resistant rubber nozzles that provide even water dispersal. And with the completely customizable water flow and spray range, you can water your way for small, medium, or large lawns - up to 4,250 sq ft! ?Equipped with a maximum spray width of 29.5 ft to 59 ft, you'll reach every corner of your yard garden with ease.So, after spring has sprung and summer has set in, give your yard a long, cool drink of water, and Go With Joe. GET EQUIPPED? with the AJ-OSPR20 from Aqua Joe to keep your lawn looking lush, beautiful, and vibrant - season after season.