Bison Biometric Fingerprint Gun Lock







The BISON L2 Fingerprint Trigger Lock revolves around one simple concept: quick access to secured guns.Unlike traditional gun locks that render your guns inaccessible in emergencies, the BISON L2 opens in just 0.3 seconds. With 360-degree fingerprint recognition technology, you'll have easy access in the dark or in any other tough situation. Responsible gun ownership should never come with compromises. No gun lock should ever stand between you and the safety of those you care about. Always keep your loved ones safe with the BISON L2 Fingerprint Trigger Lock. The BISON L2's top-of-the-line fingerprint sensor comes with a false acceptance rate of just 0.001%. You can rest easy knowing you'll have instant access to your firearm when you need it, all the while keeping your gun from becoming a hazard at home.