Pit Boss PB200GS Table Top 1 Burner Griddle







Turn up the heat with Pit Boss Grills Portable Gas Griddles. Add one to your outdoor cooking arsenal to experience versatile features like fold-and-go portability, ready-to-use pre-seasoned surfaces, and dependable heat-retention designs. Each griddle is fitted with a durable non-stick cook surface, heat-protecting burner shrouds, robust BTU's ranging from one to four burners, and a fitted cover to protect it from the weather. With griddle sizes made to feed a family of one or 10, you can prepare any meal from breakfast, lunch, and dinner with ease.Pit Boss Grills Portable Gas Griddles offer an experience that's Bigger.Hotter.Heavier? than any other griddle option. Plus, thanks to the Pit Boss 2-year warranty, your griddle is protected to last for years to come. So feed your adventure with the only griddles made for Bigger.Hotter.Heavier? outdoor cooking. Enjoy delicious meals while tailgating, picnicking, or camping with the Pit Boss 336GS Tabletop Gas Griddle. This portable griddle is lightweight and features a 4.7mm thick, pre-seasoned surface. Enjoy 289 square inches of cooking surface to prep everything from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Complete with four non-slip support legs, the Pit Boss 200GS Tabletop Gas Griddle makes outdoor cooking quick, easy, and versatile.