XPRIT Mola Under Water Scooter, White







Introducing our Newest Summer Water Toy--Mola Underwater Scooter. Built in the Shape of the well-known Ocean Sunfish (commonly known as Mola Mola), this is the most eye-catching Gadget you will ever have no matter going to a Scuba Diving or simply having fun in your Backyard Swimming Pools.It might be a cute and funny looking little thing. But there is also no doubt that it is a powerful underwater beast. With the 1000W Motor(Dual 500W), it can lead an adult at a speed of 1.5m/s going as deep as 30 Meter. The Long-lasting 126Wh Battery will provide you with max 35 mins fun time. Simply upgrade to the Pro Edition with 252Wh Battery and experience 35 mins more joy if you wish a longer period time of happiness. Also, we have designed the battery as easily replaceable, get yourself a backup battery(sold separately) and enjoy unlimited joy in water during summer time.